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pyro squad innisbrook resort fireworks display

Established in 2018 by Founder Frank James to fill a niche in the Florida / Tampa Bay Area market. With over 25 years in the Fireworks Display industry Frank wanted to expand his Passion and Artistic talents into a more up close and exciting experience for the spectators. 
Large caliber Fireworks Displays require a tremendous amount of safety space between the audience and the discharge area of the Fireworks. Unfortunately that large space of land needed has been diminishing over the years in our State of Florida. Over the years of doing 1000's of Fireworks Display's across the entire State of Florida, large and small, Frank noticed that the audience was always more thrilled when they were able to
view and be safely closer to the actual Fireworks Display.
So in 2018 Frank decided to focus his passion and experience with Pyrotechnics and beg
an unleashing the Wow Factor with Pyrotechnics by using sophisticated choreographing  software and the industry's finest electronic firing equipment. These techniques enable us to create the WOW Factor in a much more confined area with precisely timed and choreographed Pyrotechnic devices.

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